headshotI’m Dr. Ted Schwaba. I’m a postdoctoral researcher at UT Austin working with Elliot Tucker-Drob.

In my research, I ask an age-old question: What shapes our personalities? By applying modern statistical tools to big datasets, I hope to better understand how things like life events, genetic differences, and daily experiences make us into who we are.

I also like baseball, crosswords, skateboarding (retired), hip-hop history, and hot sauce.

Here’s my CV         Here’s my OSF profile             My email is tedschwaba (at) gmail (dot) com

Here’s a Shiny app I made called the Facet Atlas that visualizes how 268 different facet scales relate to one another

Here are some figures from previous publications to pique your interest. You can find open-access links to all these publications on my CV.

Personality facet co-development from the perspectives of the self and close others:


Personality trait shifts following a US county’s reduction in atmospheric lead due to the Clean Air Act

Screen Shot 2021-07-12 at 9.21.20 PM

A network model of correlations among various scales measuring Agreeableness:


Optimism development across adulthood in people who experienced many (or few) positive life events:


Personality trait change across the transition to retirement in retirees (blue) and matched nonretirees (gold)


Openness and facet development over 24 years in UC Berkeley students


Changes in the magnitude of variance in personality trait change across the lifespan:


Spaghetti plot of lifespan openness development in a representative sample of 5000+ Dutch people


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