Ted Schwaba Bio: “it’s right here and you’re reading it, guaranteed.”



I’m Ted, a PhD student in Psychology at UC Davis studying with Dr. Wiebke Bleidorn.

I study how personality develops across the lifespan and why people differ in their personality development. I’m also curious about the structure of personality and the causes and consequences of being open to experience.

I like watching baseball,  playing the drums, and doing crossword puzzles.

I plan on completing my PhD in 2021!

Here’s my CV        Here’s my OSF profile        My email is tedschwaba (at) gmail (dot) com

Here’s a Shiny app I made called the Facet Atlas that lets you look at how 268 different facet scales relate to one another

Here are some figures from previous publications that you can look at. You can find open-access links to all these publications on my CV.







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